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Time to put away the rock skis?

Posted on by Shawn Grant

Alta Peruvian Ski Shop - Alta, Utah 84092The snow pack up here in the Little Cottonwood Canyon is getting better every day. With the recent storms the skiing has been really good. Alta’s base should surpass 50” this week with more snow forecast for the weekend. So what do you consider to be the best snow depth for skiing Alta?

Well, the deeper and lighter the snow the better… right? Ok, I’ll rephrase the question. When do you feel comfortable putting away your rock skis for the season? I like to think 80” is the magic number around here. Of course, you can find rocks up here at Alta to shred your skis bases anytime of the season, but with an 80” base the majority of the “gotcha” rocks and stumps are now buried for the year. I like to think that’s when the ski season goes into full effect. Of course, the earlier that happens… the better. Personally, I no longer have rocks skis and haven’t for a few years now. Outfitting two growing teenagers with ski equipment every year has decimated my own personal ski quiver. It’s tragic, really. I just hope I don’t grow up to resent my kids for it. But honestly, I have no idea how my one pair skis have lasted this long. Usually, I’ve managed to either bend or break the ski and violently dismount my bindings from their holes by now.

So why are my skis lasting for years? I’m going to go out on a short limb and credit Andy and the guys from our own Alta Peruvian Ski Shop with prolonging the life of my well used boards. They’ve obviously done a bomber mounting job to begin with and then with numerous expertly repaired core shots and base grinds my skis surprisingly still have plenty of shred left in them. So thanks guys for helping me and my family stay skiing strong over the years. Surely, I’m not the only one with the compliment. The Alta Peruvian Ski Shop has been treating skiers in the LCC very well for many years. So come on into the lodge and drop your skis off for some overnight love. You know they want it.