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When Beer Met Skiing

Posted on by Shawn Grant

Alta Peruvian Lodge - Alta Athlete Media Party 2012 - photo by Todd Collins

Following up a day of skiing Alta with a few beers and friends is always fun. Skiing and beer go together like bacon and eggs. The bond is unbreakable… Skiing and beer sittin’ in a tree… K I S S I N G. Yeah, it’s that serious (Did you use your school girl voice while reading that last little bit?… ok good). Well, as anyone who has experienced Alta knows, the good times have been happening in these parts for quite some time now. So which came first, beer or skiing?

It’s hard to say when the first beer was swilled down here at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon. But if you know anything about the history of Alta, you’ll know it was once a thriving silver mining town. It all started back in the mid 1800′s with the discovery of silver in the area. It didn’t take long for the word to spread and soon a town with a population of well over 1000 sprung up. It is said that at one time there were well over 20 saloons lining Alta’s main street. Word is the hippest joints of the time were called the Bucket of Blood and The Gold Miners Daughter. So I think it’s safe to say beer beat skiing to the canyon by 75 years, give or take.

Historic Alta mining town

Skiers didn’t show up until the earlier 1900′s. Once that happened it was only a matter of days, probably hours, until some fortunate soul slid up to their stash of powder chilled home-brew, stabbed their 20ft long wooden skis into the snow and popped open a cold one. Perhaps something magical happened that day. For the first time a skier, ridiculously light and deep Alta powder snow, sunshine, and a bottle of beer met at the top of LCC. I’d like to think that was the first bluebird day here in the canyon. And it’s been happening regularly every since. Something’s just go hand in hand, and for most, beer and après skiing is definitely one of them.

Alta 75th Anniversary Pale Ale - photo by Tara Thomas

As it so happens Alta is celebrating its 75th season as a ski area and to commemorate the occasion Alta has crafted their own brew. The authentic Alta 75th Anniversary Pale Ale is “a thirst quenching, steep and deep dry hopped Pale Ale” deep in color with piney, floral and citrus aroma without the extra bitterness you’ll find in most other Pale Ale’s. It’s a good one… well done Alta!

The Alta 75th Anniversary Pale Ale is available at our own Alta Peruvian Bar. Come join us in these good times up here at the top of the world as another bluebird day is just around the corner. Cheers to friends and family, skiing, beer, and good times!